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Simple Management

Everything in one place is a start. See how we make it easier!

Online Storage

Backup and share your documents easily! Simpler than Drop-Box, and only $1.42/mo.


We offer everything from Text & Email to Facebook & Adwords all integrated through your site.

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Updating A Current Site

When switching to us to change an existing website, we first look to see why you want a new website. Everything about your old site is fully evaluated to see what did and did not work, and what can be improved on.

90% of companies that switch their service from any other web designer to SWIM D usually save 50% or more. Other companies charge thousands of dollars per year, or even per month! We develop simple solutions, and easy payments that make sense! For the amount you pay another service, you can get everything you're getting from them with us, plus a whole lot more!

When moving your services to SWIMD, we come with 100% satisfaction, and 99.99% Web site Up-time Guarantee.

We cannot promise 100%, as it is impossible, and anyone who does, should not be trusted. Web designers and hosting companies have a 82% Up-time as the industry's average. Sadly, this is not acceptable, and it's because they jam in as many websites as they can to make the most money on each server, causing them to fail 18% of the time. We proudly express 99.99% Up-time - and guarantee it!

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