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We don't stop at websites. We provide mobile sites, integrated internet marketing such as Texts, Emails, Facebook and much more!

When you marketing is integrated with your websites, you get nothing but easy returns and fantastic solutions. Keep everything in one place, and handle it all at once!

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We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all of your Internet Marketing Solutions. It makes a difference when everything is linked together in one place. Directly from our site, not only can you manage your site, but also your Email/Text Marketing, Facebook Promotions, Adwords, and many more!

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Search Engine Optimization

These are 3 words that are thrown around quite frequently, and also seem to be the most abused words on the internet. SEO is not hard, it just takes time. No one can "generate SEO for your website and get you on top of google in 5 days for $20". It's not possible. The only thing company's do when they tell you that is buy ads for you with google adwords, making you appear at the top as an ad, but not as an actual organic result. SEO is simply tags, keywords (not hidden) but live on your website. A well made website, with well structured ideas and sections, does not need "hidden keywords". In fact, some of the best performing sites on google have little to no "hidden keywords".

When performing an SEO project, the goal is to use content, images, real words, structure. Google doesn't care about what you sell, they care about if your website is useful to a user. Google wants to provide the best results, and they do that by providing results that they think are the highest chance of providing the user what they are looking for. If you "hide keywords" to increase ranking, you are doing nothing but creating a website that user's are going to bounce off of. Google rates your website on speed of loading, and the comparative quality of information on the website, based on the user's search term. There are many other parts rated, but these are the one's we are speaking of. Some designers will fill your website with 100's of keywords. All this does is make your website seem like it has no real direction or purpose, immediately bumping you to the bottom, unless there really is no one else with ANY of the keywords you have. Which is highly unlikely.

We take a different approach to SEO

Our approach is professional, takes time, and sticks well for long term results. This is the only formula you need, and the only way you need to do it to succeed. Other designers will code your website, fill it with keywords, then send robots to your website to make google 'think' your website is getting alot of traffic. Google is capable of searching the entire internet and filter through 10 zillion pages of data, and organize it in a perfect array in order of most relevant, in under .03 seconds all while managing to make sure 50 billion emails are sent on time, while processing 100 billion searches a day. I think google is capable of knowing if there are real visitors on your website, or robots.

Our Company

Where's our main office? For Web Design Nj. But that does not limit our web design services to NJ. For Web Design, Nj locations are not our limit. We have sales teams and satellite offices outside of nj as well. Which is why many of our clients are located elsewhere. The internet gives us this true ability to assist anyone anywhere with web design needs, which is why we are not limited to Web Design in NJ.

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