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We love helping you and solving any problems you may have. Support for email and all online tools is available for FREE 24/7 by calling 480-624-2500. You cannot get website support through this number.

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Marketing Services

Why do we offer so many channels? The main reason is because when they are all together, they work much better. If someone clicks a facebook ad, don't you want to see what they did on your site? If your paying money per click on google adwords, don't want to see if that exact user actually bought something?

It means a lot to have everything together, so the channels can connect. You can run adwords separately, and you will see that "buy coffee" keyword gets you 400 clicks a day. You will then also see that "buy coffee online" gets you 30 clicks a day. From this data, if you had to remove a 'bad' keyword, we can clearly see it is the second one. However, when your campaigns work together, we can actually see that "buy coffee" gets 400 clicks a day and 3 monetary sales, whereas "buy coffee online" gets 30 clicks a day and 28 sales. This is information you cant see when everything is not connected. We now know to eliminate the poor producing keyword, as it is causing many clicks with no purchases, wasting you money.