Website Design NJ

Career Opportunities

SWIMD is always trying to find bright new minds to help create the internet's greatest masterpieces! The best thing about it, no experience is ever necessary! Just CREATIVITY!

To be a complete web designer, of course you need some kind of coding experience, but, when it comes to the actual design, we just look for creativity, basically, you can be the person who tells the coder whether something looks 'pretty' or not. Furthermore, tell them what to do to make it more appealing! At SWIMD, our sites are created by several people, as we want to focus our efforts to the most basic standpoints. If one person is doing everything, the quality of the product is lowered. We like coders to code, designers to design, content writers to write, and more of the above to check the other's work for faults!

On a whole other level, we have a sales team that also work as designers! Although they are incapable of creating an actual site, they can design it and guide the person who can, to truly reach what the customer is expecting. Our sales team members are great at selling, and great at coming up with ideas. The whole selling process involves creating a website on paper with a client, selling it to them, then assisting the coders to make their ideas a reality! We custom design every site we make, and we make it tailored to the business itself. Sometimes industry based, and sometimes theme based, off a current theme occurring in their place of business itself! Why not make the website match the store!

Applying for any position is easy, and requires nothing but a resume, a short and sweet mini bio about you, and what you are looking to do with us. Please, find our email address on our contact page, and while your there, check out the 'about us', and please, call with any questions!

Lastly, your location is irrelevant to our business, as we have employees across the entire US! We look forward to hearing from you!